fall 14

by Matt H

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This is a mixtape. All songs were written & recorded by me (Matt Horowitz) on my phone in my apartment in Oberlin, OH during the fall of 2014. Enjoy!


released September 11, 2015

I played guitar & sang on all of these iPhone notes. Track 2 (DLECs Forever) features Evan Delano (of Chicken Oak)!



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Matt H Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Burrito Alone
Gonna take
this Burrito
back with me
to my room,
and I am gonna
eat it
like it was the last
thing I'll ever do,
'cause everyone
has somewhere that
they're always leaving,
and coming back to

and I don't know how anyone can call a place home
til they've eaten a burrito alone in it.

Til these four
walls have seen me
in my most
primal state
tearing hungrily open
a fleshy tortilla,
like a wolf
hunched over its
fresh prey, cause
if I can't trust these
walls to keep
my secrets,
dunno how I'm
gonna stay

and I don't know how anyone can call a place home
til they've eaten a burrito alone in it.

eaten a burrito alooooone

eaten a burrito

aloo-o-one in it
Track Name: Everybody
I walked here through the rain
Couldn't tell you why I stayed
Everybody wants a nice warm bed,
but everybody needs at least a place to lay their head.

Nobody wants to spill their soul,
Cause nobody wants to be unrelatable
And if you feel like you're a waste of space,
Know nobody feels like they're in the right place.

Everybody turns their shower knobs,
Not too cold and not too hot
And everybody wants what they want,
Like everybody wants a fresh croissant
And everybody wants to go to hell,
And everybody wants to be somebody else
And everybody wants to go back home,
But first you gotta spend a little more time alone.
Track Name: No (Nyet)
Sometimes you get a text, it is a text from your friend
They invite you to go out drinking with them
But you are toasty in your bed,
So it's ok that you said

No, No, Wish I could, but I can't, so no, No, No

Sometimes you're feeling down and someone asks if you're okay
And that someone is the person who made you feel this way
Well you know what you're gonna say,
'Cause they should know it anyway

No, No, And you can say fuck you for even saying so, No, No

Cause no matter how old you eventually get
You will always be counting your every regret
And if and when they ask you if you can forget,
and if you are in Russia then you will still say

Nyet, nyet, or at least I wouldn't bet on it, nyet, nyet, nyet

Honesty will save you from the demons that chase you
And it doesn't matter who you are or what you do,
So take it upon yourself to say what's true.
Even when it's

No, no, and I have no qualms with saying so, and if I do I'm tryin'a let 'em go, no, no, no
Track Name: to Michigan
She wears lots of colors
And she sings on key
She's got a cool haircut
And she doesn't drink caffeine
She likes to have an agenda
And she plays her music quietly

I like to play my music loud,
And I sing with my eyes closed
I've got an unremarkable haircut
And not much color in my clothes
I probably drink too much coffee,
But it lights me up like a christmas rose

And we are
Going to Michigan
And that's alright by me,
The wind will bring
what the wind brings.

The gray clouds loom behind us,
Behind a blue sky
The first in a great series of blessings
Set down for you and I
And then the certain special weightlessness
That the road gives arrives

One hand in mine,
The other on the wheel
I think I see an eagle flying
I think I know how it feels
I think I'm gonna die someday,
But that's not real,
'Cause we are

Going to Michigan,
or at least that's what I hear you sing
The wind will bring
what the wind brings